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Excel Personnel Inc. has proudly operated its recruitment services throughout British Columbia and Canada. Our team of professional recruiters is standing by to work with you! As a leader in staffing solution, Excel Personnel Inc. provides human resources, employment opportunities and outplacement services in Northern, Central and Southern BC. We are here to assist your firm with your next hire.

With offices in Kamloops, Kelowna and Prince George, Excel Personnel offers clients an in-depth knowledge of the regions and understands the importance of using a local search/recruiting firm that is in touch with the local economy and industry trends. Your local recruiter has international reach, and is proud to have affiliates across Canada to work with us in our Junior to Executive Level Searches with our National Clients.

As a Job Seeker you are registered in our database of over 62,623 candidates that work with Excel Personnel Inc. for all their job search needs. Our clients are guaranteed the right fit candidate every time.

The New Trend in 2022 is that those workers that were sent home to work during Covid-19 do not want to return to the workplace, some wish a hybrid model of a few days at office and a few days at home.  Some say its more productive for them to get their work done without interruptions and some want that interactions with co workers.

They can get the kids to school, do their morning work, put the laundry in, get dinner out from the freeze and carry on with their afternoon uninterrupted.

This has become the new norm.  So when you are looking to fill a position, it now takes more time to identify a candidate because why you say?  Because the workers that went home are loving it and are not applying to other positions because of the office environment they used to be in or the management.  They are able to do their job and well.  So Moral of the story is It Now Takes Time to Identify those that are looking and taking upwards of 2 - 3 months instead of 2 - 3 weeks which is making some clients angry as they too are having difficulty in all placements for their companies and need time to digest this new norm.

So be patient with your recruiters as they are doing the best for you as they did in the past, however, its just taking longer to fill most positions.  But like Excel Personnel we guarantee to fill the position, its just taking longer than in the past to fill even with our 62,623 data base and phone calls, it still takes time.

2022 The New Hiring Trend in Canada

The New Trend in 2022 is that those workers that were sent home to work during Covid-19 do not want to return to the workplace, some wish a hybrid model of a few days at offic...

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Drug and Alcohol Testing

New Policy for our candidates: If a candidate is required to take a drug and alcohol test for a position for which they are identified, they will be responsible for the initial ...

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Acsess Annual Conference - Montreal QC

Excel Personnel has been a member of Acsess, the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services, for many years.  We are steadfast in our belief of th...

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