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Let Us take the Pain out of your Recruitment Process

Time and Money are what we hear a lot. Most companies do not have an in house recruiter or human resource specialist and require the outsourcing services of an agency.  Imagine if you had the Receptionist, the Administrative Assistant, the Controller and the General Manager looking at all your applicants.

This would be a terrible time waster for them in the hours that they would put into a hire instead of doing their own job and could cost over $10,000 to do so when an agency typically is under that for most permanent positions recruited for.

Excel Personnel does this work for you, with our recruiter, sourcing candidates on over 100 job boards. Excel Personnel will source and selects qualified candidates from external sources and our internal database, and complete all interviews, references, evaluations, criminal record searches and drivers abstracts for your review.

We maximize the recruitment teams efficiency by working in teams to source and shortlist the top talent and right fit candidate for your position. By using Excel Personnel for your staffing requirements, you save your firms money. 

Employees are a company's biggest investment. Excel Personnel guarantees it's the right hire, the first time, every time or we re-recruit at no additional charge.


All placements carry our guarantee to search, recruit, select and evaluate top candidates for every position. We guarantee our services to you, the Client. Should a candidate leave the position for any reason, or the client releases for cause during the guarantee period, Excel Personnel then re-recruits again at no additional charge. Our regular guarantee is 3 months and go as high as 12 months depending on the level of the position and compensation.


Excel Personnel is the #1  Recruitment Firm in the Thompson Okanagan, and Northern British Columbia our mission is to provide you with the very best top talent, right fit candidates, job seekers for every open job order. Those candidates are rarely found by posting jobs on the internet or in newspapers or sitting at a desk waiting for them to come to you. We source and drill down into our candidate base of 62,223 registered candidates and other avenues as well. Beyond the traditional job advertising, we make it a point to pursue the passive job seeker. The candidate that may not even know that they’re looking or ready for a change.

As our client, Excel Personnel will pull out every angle to recruit and source the right fit candidate you require to keep your business on track or take your operation to the next level. We will take the search, candidate review, candidate screening, resume screening and qualification process in-house and you will be provided with a refined list of only the best fit candidates. All presented candidates will have had their skills and qualifications verified and references checked by our team (including criminal record checks at no additional cost).

While focusing on the hard skills and predetermined qualifications you need, we screen those candidates against your organizational culture. If they have the skills, abilities, personality, dress and attitude for your open opportunity, then we are sending them in for an interview. Excel Personnel identifies the very best fit in all aspects of your business, as that is our passion, and we aim to do it right the first time, every time.

The New Trend in 2022 is that those workers that were sent home to work during Covid-19 do not want to return to the workplace, some wish a hybrid model of a few days at office and a few days at home.  Some say its more productive for them to get their work done without interruptions and some want that interactions with co workers.

They can get the kids to school, do their morning work, put the laundry in, get dinner out from the freeze and carry on with their afternoon uninterrupted.

This has become the new norm.  So when you are looking to fill a position, it now takes more time to identify a candidate because why you say?  Because the workers that went home are loving it and are not applying to other positions because of the office environment they used to be in or the management.  They are able to do their job and well.  So Moral of the story is It Now Takes Time to Identify those that are looking and taking upwards of 2 - 3 months instead of 2 - 3 weeks which is making some clients angry as they too are having difficulty in all placements for their companies and need time to digest this new norm.

So be patient with your recruiters as they are doing the best for you as they did in the past, however, its just taking longer to fill most positions.  But like Excel Personnel we guarantee to fill the position, its just taking longer than in the past to fill even with our 60,000 + data base and phone calls, it still takes time.

You chose Excel Personnel -  Leave the rest to us - Your Exceptional Temporary and Permanent Staffing Solution and Partner


Temporary Staffing evolves because of Increased Workload, Vacation time, Medical leave, Maternity Leave, Resignation or Termination....…all very real burdens on the day to day operation of any business. Sooner or later you will be in a situation where you require temporary help or assistance in the short term. Temporary placements provide you with the flexibility to meet those needs. Excel Personnel's qualified personnel are professional, knowledgeable, flexible and ready to assist you whenever and wherever you need them! Whether you need assistance for 4 hours to 4 months to 4 years, Excel Personnel has you covered.

It’s easier than you might think. Excel Personnel invoices you directly and we look after all contracts, payroll functions and deductions EI, CPP, BC EHT, Vacation Pay and Revenue Canada submission, and provide WCB / WorkSafeBC and Health coverage.

Temporary placements are also a great way to get to know potential permanent employees before making a commitment! Most importantly, like our permanent placements, all of our temporary placements are guaranteed!

Since 1992, Excel Personnel Inc. has been the proven experts in Permanent, Temporary, Contract & Payroll Staffing, Executive Search Services and Recruitment. We aren't afraid of any industry and have covered areas like Mining, Forestry, Banking, IT, Automotive, Accounting & Finance, Safety, Warehouse, Administration, Sales & Marketing, Retail, Health Care, Transportation, Lottery, and Hospitality to name a few.

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