As a Recruiter based in Northern BC, one of the most common things I hear from both Clients and Candidates is, "I had no idea there was a Recruiting Firm in Prince George?"...The next is always, "Where else do you work?"

...note to self, increase marketing budget...

It's on that note that I wanted to share a link to our website which will introduce you to the rest of our amazing team. Spread across the province, it's our staff's connection and deep understanding of the people, industries, and culture of British Columbia that gives us an understanding that many larger and more distant firms will never choose to embrace.

We learned early on that to be a valuable partner to a client's business, we needed to do more. We needed to immerse ourselves in the communities and industries that we served. What we learned was that to truly appreciate who you are and what you do, we need to understand that your decisions are based not only on costs and aligning with job descriptions, but also in the sourcing of candidates who can be successful with your culture, your mission, and your feeling of community. It's something that we pride ourselves in and something that we feel separates us from both large national agencies and the Independent Consultants of this industry.

So, without further rambling on my end, please...allow me to introduce you to our team, a group of people I am immensely proud to work with and for.


Prince George Chamber of Commerce
Kamloops Chamber of Commerce
Kelowna Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Home Builders Association
Thompson Region Division of Family Practice
Southern Interior Construction Association