Job Code: #4475
Job Type: Contract
Location: Kamloops

Excel Personnel is recruiting a Stenographer for Wednesday, July 10th 2019. Stenographers are responsible for transcribing exact legal proceedings for the record. There is no room for error in the stenography profession, and must be able to type at least 90 words per minute in order to capture entire conversations quickly and accurately.

Job Duties: 

Stenographers must learn a type of shorthand, an abbreviated language form that is designed for rapid transcription, to take notes on a steno machine in order to catch each word that is spoken.

The stenographer responsible for recording the proceedings takes the rough transcript and proofreads it before creating a final transcript and committing it to official record. Stenographers must have a good grasp of legal and, for some jobs, medical terminology as well as complete proficiency in the English language to do their jobs to employer standards.


This is a one day position paying $25.00/hr for our local client.

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Prince George Chamber of Commerce
Kamloops Chamber of Commerce
Kelowna Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Home Builders Association
Thompson Region Division of Family Practice
Southern Interior Construction Association

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