1) Why should I use a search firm?

Trust in a professional value added service to get the best possible results. If your organization is struggling to find the right fit candidate for your business needs, it may be time to consult with an organization that specializes in placements and the staffing expertise of Excel Personnel Inc.

2) What type of companies hires a search firm/recruitment agency?

Companies that are able to see the value in hiring the right people to invest in their future. Excel Personnel is  an organization that is hired by some of the most respected global and local organizations to help build their businesses throughout Western Canada. Excel Personnel  focuses on working with the top 20% of the talent pool as recognized by our peers. Excel Personnel partners with organizations that refuse to hire under this bar of performance and work together for the success placement in all industries.

3) What if I can get a cheaper rate with another staffing agency?

It is paramount that your decision to work with a recruitment agency is based on their professionalism and services provided, not at what appears to be a bargain or discounted price point. We all want the best value for the costs associated with a search. You should select a partner that has a track record of producing results, industry knowledge and are committed to excellence. The recruitment industry has standards and common practices nation-wide and it’s in your organization’s best interest to hire within these standards. It is a proven industry axiom that the quality you receive through our services justifies the fees we charge and we feel its better to invest in quality once than to pay for shortcomings and replacements continually. It is recommended that you hire an agency that follows these policies and procedures in your Province as Excel Personnel does through ACSESS - Association of Canadian, Search, Employment & Staffing Services since 1992

4) What is the difference between a contingency search and retained search?

Clients engage Excel Personnel on either a retainer or contingency basis.
Retainer service is a continuing partnership between Excel and your company. This option is ideal for clients with ongoing or diverse recruitment needs. After a consultation to confirm your requirements, expert consultants utilize our vast network and other resources to contact the best candidate – many of whom would not be reachable through media advertising. The result for you is a deep pool of top-tier candidates who we have identified as ideal matches for your company. We then assign a recruiter to work your job order from start to finish.

Contingency service involves an agreed fee payable after a search has been successfully completed. This option is preferred by clients looking to fill a small number of positions, but after a successful contingency search many clients choose to continue in a retainer relationship. We discuss the details of your vacancies, then begin consulting with people already in similar positions and identify others who are ready to apply their expertise in a new role. After a thorough screening process, we present you with a short list of outstanding candidates. The downside is, Excel Personnel will work with clients that want to work with us, and pay us for our service from start to finish, hence we will work on a Retained Search first and the Contingency searches onces all our retained searches are complete.  WE do not want to compete for your business and build a relationship to last that you are satisfied with.

5) What type of candidates do you work with?

At Excel Personnel, we strive to specialize on the top 20% of the talent pool throughout Western Canada. We work on with candidates on positions ranging from Chief Operating Officers and CFOs to Territory Managers, Engineers and Skilled Trades and Contract staffing.

6) What makes a great candidate great?

A professional that is recognized by his or her peers, colleagues and competitors as a top tier performer in their industry or role.


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